There are hundreds of different heroes in Empire of Chaos. The stars indicate a hero card’s rarity. Currently, the lowest rarity is 1 star and goes up to 8 stars. A hero card’s rarity can be increased through evolution. Some hero’s rarity maxes out at 4 stars. These heroes are unable to go through any evolution. The heroes are all classified into a race, which are Warriors, Wizards, and Clerics. These different races have different type of skills and attributes. Players can access our gallery of all the available heroes by going into the ‘Deck’ tab, then going into the ‘Gallery’ tab.

Forms of Currency

Gold can be obtained by winning battles in the hunting fields, performing a job for your kingdom, selling a card or item, and events.

Gems can be obtained by purchasing with real money or from events.

AP is generated every 5 minutes. AP can also be received by other players in the game. The max amount of AP that a player can hold at a given time is 160. AP will only regenerate when the balance is below 10.


Card inventory is where all of your hero cards are stored. Every player starts off with 15 slots, but the inventory can be expanded to 100 slots using gems or getting a card inventory slot expansion item.

Item inventory is where all items, both equipment and consumable, are stored. Every player starts off with 15 item slots, but can be expanded to 100 slots using gems or getting a slot expansion item.


Equipment items are weapons, armors, and accessories that can be equipped onto different heroes. Equipment items can be equipped to the back side of every hero card, and will not occupy a slot in the inventory when it is equipped. Equipping heroes with items will boost its abilities. These items can be obtained from winning battles in the hunting fields, completing quests, or using the item roulette system. Some equipment items also have colored borders indicating the quality of the item. The border colors are yellow, green, blue, and purple. These colors correspond to the quality of each items, which are rare, exceptional, legendary, and artifact, respectively.

Consumables are items that perish after each use, like potions and enhancement stones. These items can be obtained from winning battles in the hunting fields, completing quests, purchasing them in the stores, or using our item roulette system. The only consumable item that can be equipped to cards are potions, which are automatically used to heal the hero card that it is equipped to during battles.

Item & Hero Enhancement

Enhancing an item will upgrade the attributes and bonuses that the item provides. Equipment items can be enhanced up to 15 times. However, item enhancements will not always be successful. As an item becomes more and more enhanced, the chance that the next enhancement will fail becomes greater. Upon failing an enhancement, items can also be destroyed permanently. In order to increase the enhancement success or prevent your item from being destroyed, you may purchase Enhancement Elixirs or Protection Stones from the store.

Enhancing a hero card will increase the experience of that hero card. To enhance a hero card, you must choose a hero card that you’d like to level up, then one to four sacrificial cards. Higher rarity sacrificial cards will generate more experience than lower rarity cards. You are given an option to use an enhancement stone, which provides a 150% bonus experience gain.

Hero Evolution

Hero card evolution allows cards to increase in their rarity. Any hero cards 3 stars and above are able to evolve. In order to evolve a card, you must have 2 cards, one target card that you wish to evolve, and one sacrificial card. These two cards do not have to be the same hero, but they must be the same rarity. Once you have the two cards, you use enhancement stones and gold to perform the evolution. The sacrificial hero card will be permanently destroyed. Like item enhancement, evolution is not guaranteed to be successful, and for hero cards 6 stars and above in rarity have a chance to downgrade in rarity upon failure. Also, there are heroes that have a max rarity of 4 stars, and these heroes are unable to evolve any further.

Player Class

A player’s class increases proportionately with the ranking points. The player must be in a kingdom to move up in class. As a player moves up in class, they are rewarded with bonus attributes, such as increased attack power and increased defense power. Also, a player with a higher class will get more salary for performing a civic duty in their kingdom.

Player Ranking

Ranking points can be obtained in multiple ways. One way is by participating in a war with your clan or kingdom. Every time you attack or defend, you will rack up ranking points, since you are contributing to your kingdom. Another way is to perform various civic duties within the kingdom, such as contributing AP to level up the different buildings in your kingdom. A small amount of ranking points can also be earned by completing quests. Rewards for the highest ranked players will be given out at the end of each month, and will be updated on our facebook page.

Clans and Kingdoms

A clan can be formed by anyone with a Clan Create Ticket. Once a clan has 5 or more members, it can wage war against a kingdom. If the clan wins the war against a kingdom, it will take over and become a kingdom. However, if the clan loses the war, it remains a clan.

A kingdom cannot be formed. The only way to start a kingdom is to create a clan and conquer an existing kingdom. Every player is also able to join any existing kingdom, as long as the kingdom is not full.

A kingdom consists of multiple parts. The wall, shield, shrine, temple, training center, and forge are all a part of a kingdom. Members of a kingdom can contribute their AP in order to raise the levels of these different buildings. Leveling up the different parts of the kingdom will increase the level of the overall kingdom. Players can also choose 2 building buffs when they are a part of a kingdom. Each building gives different bonus stats to players in battle.

Contributing to leveling up a kingdom’s buildings not only gives you ranking points, but also rewards you with a salary, in gold. This amount increases based on the class of the player in the kingdom. Also, a kingdom can collect taxes from its members as well as from the hunting fields. This will allow the kingdom to accumulate gold, so that it can spend it during the war, or to buy different kingdom emblems.


Kingdom vs. kingdom battles are initiated whenever a king decides to wage war against another kingdom. The members on each side can spend AP to either attack the enemy kingdom or defend their own kingdom. A kingdom with members who have a stronger deck will have the advantage in a war. A kingdom battle lasts 4 hours, and winners are rewarded with resources and ranking points.

If a clan wages war against a kingdom and wins, then the clan becomes a kingdom. Consequently, the losing kingdom is turned into a clan, where they must start over to become a kingdom once again.