Crystal Cove State Park

Company Philosophy


We named our company after a beautiful place here in California called Crystal Cove State Park. As we take an early morning stroll on the beach, we often see Pelicans gliding above the calm Pacific Ocean surface occasionally disturbed by whales and dolphins gasping for air.  Vast blue night sky is perfectly complimented by millions of stars and the Moon. Each seemingly unrelated element in our nature somehow complements one another to create perfect harmony. The beauty of the natural surroundings at Crystal Cove State Park shape our unique view of the world; that is, each and every one of us is inseparable from all of us.  The reason we tie our core belief to community in gaming is because that is what nature has taught us: we are inseparable.  We won’t promise you that we can satisfy everyone, but we will promise that we will listen and pay attention to you and your suggestions and make sure that your voice matters.



Honesty is like a double-edged sword.  It can hurt but it can heal too.  Because community is at the top of our priority list, the only way we know how to earn the trust of our community is to be open and honest.  That means, we will not over-promise.  We will only tell the community what we can realistically deliver in advance and really deliver on that promise. And, if we make a mistake, we will be honest about it.



We are a company of underdogs and misfits.  We entered this already crowded mobile game industry late with no prior mobile game experience.  We are surrounded by many giants.  But, quite frankly, we thrive on the feeling of being the small guy, under-the-radar, or the best kept secret.  Why?  Because that makes us hungry.  We will go an extra mile on everything we do to engage our players to our games and build the best and the most engaging mobile game community the world has yet to see.



We are a self-funded, small company with no outside investment.  We run our company on a shoe-string budget because we want to focus on our games and our community, not raising capital.  We operate within our means and reinvest our profit back into our business.  To do that well, we work like a family that pours its heart and soul into the work.



We do not run our company with strategic plans.  We do not own an organizational chart.  We spent a lot of time on planning, but really not attached to a plan.  Just like a group of migrating birds that can fly across the Pacific Ocean without a roadmap, we self-organize around our core mission. By listening to and working with our community every step of the way, we will find the guidance from within to find a solution.  Just like the nature that self-governs, we will self-organize ourselves and constantly adapt and innovate.